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"Everything I've learnt from your free challenges and the 3 Day Immersion has been incredible & exactly what I’ve needed to take my struggling photography & design biz (of about 12 years!) to the next level. Being able to stick to my new pricelist & stand by it has been huge one for me. I was so scared of doing video and resisted it for sooooo long but now I am so much more comfortable putting myself out there. I am a mama first so I know my business will have to go with the ebb & flow of life but thanks to you I now know what I need to do in moments of flow to create momentum to keep things consistently moving along when I am in the trenches of mamahood. Forever grateful xx"

Paula Holsgrove,
Ivy and The Fox

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"Clare opened me up to a whole new world in small business. Without her course, I would still be floundering on the "HOW" to get my business off the ground. I did my biggest sale to date of $1350 while working with her and I learnt to shift my mindset. I got proud. I introduce myself as a photographer now. I always believed I was struggling to get clients because my home town is saturated with photographers - but Clare showed me that I was missing such a crucial step when it came to my marketing. I would highly recommend any budding photographer to work with Clare. Her teaching style is just so easy to fall in love with. She keeps it fun, light, but gives the nitty gritty in such an easy way to understand. And the online content is always so classy and beautifully designed."

Elise Moran,
Elise Moran Photography

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"Clare's Photography Business Breakthrough program has been a game changer for my business. I had just decided to go full-time with my photography business and quit my job when Clare's program came up. I jumped at the chance because I really wanted Clare's secrets haha! Before Clare, I struggled with what to charge and having confidence in my pricing. I moved to a town of 530 people so was relying on social media to get known - it seemed like a minefield. With Clare's mentoring, you are quickly on top of what works and what doesn't. My last two sales sales were $4k and $3k and I just won my first AIPP Award! Clare, I can't thank you enough - investing with you has has been instrumental in my success. If you are starting your own photography business, you need this mentoring program!"

Avalind Photography


I now feel I have a purpose. Even though I had a degree I felt like I didn't know enough to start a business. Now I book clients with confidence.

Leeanne Phanupen, Noir Photography

Your book has been very helpful for me. Before I started to read it I didn't believe it could actually determine pricing through my own circumstances, but oh my goodness I was quickly reassured! Awesome book!

Rachael Searle, Little Lou Photography

You have given me the confidence to be firm with my pricing, what to do and when to do it - my last shoot was $4k! Thank you!

Sarah Stacker, Young Hearts Photography

"Working with Clare was the best thing I could have done. I had never done a paid shoot, didn’t have a website, no pricing, I hadn’t even done enough shoots for a portfolio when I started! 5 months later I had booked and held 52 shoots, earned $60,000, my husband was able to drop one of his days on the road so he gets to spend more time with the kids, which they are all loving and we are all taking a whole month off in 2018 to go overseas on holidays. There is no way I could have done all of that in 5 short months without Clare’s guidance, templates & automations."

Rachael Cramp,
It's a Beautiful Life Photography

$9,200 in Her First 4 Weeks in Business...