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I am super excited to announce the launch of my brand new podcast – The Shoot Booking Secrets Podcast! 

Here’s a preview of this podcast episode:
  • [01:02] Who this podcast is perfect for
  • [02:22] What you can expect to get out of this podcast
  • [02:49] Examples of how my clients not only survived lockdown, but thrived
  • [04:50] How to get a FREE 1-1 Photography Business Future Proofing Action Plan session with me

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Podcast Episode Show Notes:

Here’s how to know whether this podcast is for you and what you can expect from the Shoot Booking Secrets Podcast:

If you’re at the beginning of your photography business journey — you’ll learn the fast track steps to success, what to do first -or next – to launch or relaunch your business successfully.

You’ll learn lots of tricks I use to move past all those doubts and fears that show up when you are out of your comfort zone.

For the more experienced photographer — you’ll learn why your business feels HARD (maybe it even came to a grinding holt during lockdown).

You’ll discover what to do now we are moving back into a semblance of normal and the exact framework to get consistent enquiries, customers and cash.

I’ll be sharing some of the lessons learned from lockdown and the changes that I feel ALL photographers need to make in order to future proof their businesses.

As an industry, we HAVE to start doing things differently and SMARTER.

This podcast is basically for you if you want to know how to use automated systems to:

  • Find and attract your ideal clients;
  • Elegantly raise your prices;
  • Learn how to love selling; and
  • Create more ease and elegance.

And this podcast is for you if you want to feel empowered about your business and make REAL money from photography, instead of slogging away earning less than you would in a job – and then needing to justify that choice to your loved ones (and yourself).

We will be covering

  • pricing
  • sales strategy
  • automation
  • marketing
  • funnels
  • productivity hacks
  • confidence
  • getting past fears
  • and more!

You will mostly be listening to just me on the episodes but I do have lots of superwoman besties and some awesome clients who are killing it in their businesses so you can also expect to hear fabulous interviews with them sharing their best tips and takeaways too.

I’ll share super inspiring stories of real life photographers just like you – and the actionable strategies I’ve helped them implement.

Strategies that have gotten results like a $5900 portrait sale, an $8000 mini session day, a $17000 month, a $30000 fortnight and even a $75000 72 hrs.

In my coaching program, the Photography Business Accelerator, I help photographers earn an extra $5k per month using automated systems.

Clare Stephens Photography Business Mentor

Many of my clients not only survived lockdown, but much to their surprise, actually THRIVED even when they couldn’t leave the house…

They had their biggest sales, their biggest weeks and biggest months.

They pivoted to new niches, created alternative photography income streams like print shops and online courses – or used the time to finally launch their photography business and get their first paying client.

I’m hoping you’ll see yourself in some of the stories I share. 

I’m hoping you’ll start to believe that maybe, just maybe, those results could be possible for you too.

I’m hoping that from listening to this podcast, you’ll realise that ANY action is better than no action at all… and I’m hoping you find motivation in what you hear – to (at the very least) just take the very next step towards your dreams.


I would love to help you to change the way you think about and do your photography business – and through doing so, gain more confidence and competence and clarity – and cash.

A warning for you – I will likely accidentally swear. I will probably go on a rant if it is something that I really feel passionate about.

And — I most definitely will overshare.

For me, business and life are intertwined, they’re connected. And in my experience, the more real and honest I am, the more likely you are to take action towards your dreams…

…. because at some point you’ll no doubt think “wow, if SHE can do it, I can do it too”.

We will also be doing some fabulous giveaways – starting with a free 1-1 session with me for anyone who leaves a 5 star review with a comment in our first month on air!

Plus we have a special content series for early subscribers where I’ll be taking you through my 7 Step Bookings on Autopilot Blueprint.

And – accompanying the episodes will be free downloadable worksheets, resources and transcripts so you can take notes and most importantly take action and implement what you learn.

So make sure you stick around, subscribe for new episodes being released, so you don’t miss a thing.

Thanks so much for being here, I am so excited to kick it all off.

See you in Episode 1!

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— To your success,

Clare xx

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