One of the most common problems I hear from the photographers I work with is they struggle to get clients. When I delve deeper, there are two main issues for this – one is a traffic problem (getting the inquiries in the first place) and the other one is a client conversion problem (turning inquiries into shoots).

I help photographers grow their business through automation, marketing, and mindset. Let’s go over the 3 common mistakes I see photographers do which are negatively impacting their cashflow.

Watch the video below to see the 3 common reasons why you are hearing crickets after someone inquires with you and how can you increase your client conversion rate and therefore the number of shoots booked.

First contact

Let’s start with a simple question. What do you actually do when somebody enquires with you? Do you attach your PDF price list and tell them your availability? I find this to be the most common mistake photographers make and the reason why they’re client conversion rates are low and they are not booking clients in.

What should you do instead? Well, at the point when somebody contacts you for a shooting, they either saw your photos on Facebook/on your website, you received a recommendation from a past client or it’s simply word of mouth. My suggestion is, first of all, if it’s an email – pick up the phone and call them – this way you’ll be able to build a rapport with them from the very start. It’s also easier to clarify any possible doubts or overcome their objections right away.

Not following a script

The second thing you’re doing wrong is not seeking a proven script for all your inquiries. I always discuss rates from the beginning and I let people know my session fee, my starting price for prints, collages, digital files etc. as well as if I require a minimum order. Therefore, people can make an idea of how much they could be spending and if they can afford it.

When you deal with new clients, it’s great to have an idea from the beginning of the location they chose. Then you should follow your script and talk about what is included in the session, your availability and finally, rates.

There’s an important aspect I want to point out here. In order to establish a great name in the photography industry, you should be acting like a great human being. Obviously, if you’re a family photographer, you deal with lots of kids. And guess what: people love talking about their kids and family. That’s why you’re not only selling your photography services, but you’re establishing a nice and friendly relationship with your clients. Think about it: in the end of the day, for a shoot to be good, you both should be able to relax and act natural.

Not following up with your leads

I know it’s easy to lose track with the amount of emails and calls we receive daily but I can assure you people really appreciate it when we consistently keep an eye on them. You can establish an automated follow-up system and I’m sure it will change the way you book in clients. We all know more bookings equals bigger cash flow. But what we should remember is to nourish our inquiries as an actual way to grow our photography business. 

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

Does any of this make sense to you? Are you making any of these client conversion mistakes? Let me know in the comments below – and please do share with any of your photography friends who might love this!

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much love,

Clare xx

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