Let’s Talk Facebook Live for Photographers.

We had some talk in our Photography Business Accelerator group about being hesitant to do Facebook Lives, and it prompted me to ask in my free group

“Are you doing Facebook Lives? If not, what is stopping you?”

We got so many replies and I realised a lot of you guys have hesitations about doing Facebook Lives and I needed to help you get over that!

And then ironically I scheduled the live training and tried to go live and I had internet issues and had to postpone!! So this training is coming from someone who has had ALL THE ISSUES and every excuse under the sun to not do Facebook Lives right now! (I totally get your hesitations!)

This is a pretty comprehensive training (I accidentally gave away all my secrets and talked for 60 mins), so I’ve broken it down so you can fast forward if you want (as Russell Brunson says “is it ok if I over-deliver?!”)

Watch Below: The Ultimate Training in Facebook Live for Photographers.

In case you what to skip forward, this is what we covered in this Facebook Live Training For Photographers:

🕰️ 3:34 12 Common Reasons Photographers Aren’t Doing Facebook Live (I’ve had ALL of them the past couple of days!!)

🕰️ 11:01 7 Reasons Why We MUST Incorporate Facebook Lives Into Our Photography Businesses (there are some SUPER compelling stats as well

🕰️ 25:40 My Pre-Live Prep Checklist for Facebook Lives (the secret to success of a Facebook Live (and getting over the nerves) is ALL in the prep!)

🕰️ 30:02 How to Structure Your Content (including an example script!)

🕰️ 47:59 How, Where & When to Do Facebook Lives (personal page or business? time of day? I give my thoughts and what I do)  

🕰️️ 51:54: 5 Ninja Ways to Maximise Your Impact (and save time!) – you will LOVE these last tips, I can guarantee it!    

facebook live photographers

I hope this gives you guys some little nuggets about what to do when you struggle to know what to say with your Facebook Lives and how to structure them for ease and impact.

If you take anything out of this training, I hope that it is this:

Imperfect action is better
than no action at all.

If you enjoy this, or want to want use funnels, automation and magic mindset techniques to grow your photography business to get bookings and sales on autopilot, join our free Facebook Group here.

Scheduling regular Facebook lives forces you to show up and stop procrastinating!

And of course, please do comment with any ahas below! Has this been helpful?

Much love,

Clare xx

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