For those of you who already know ClickFunnels, I bet you’re excited to hear you can now get it for $19 per month! Keep reading, I’ll explain everything below!

If you’re not familiar with ClickFunnels, let me tell you why this is the best thing that could happen to your business, especially if you’re a newbie. Think about it: instead of hiring developers to code and piece together your website, ClickFunnels gives you, the entrepreneur, everything you need to successfully market, sell and deliver your services online!

A friend of mine was asking me a few days ago if there was anything she could do to get ClickFunnels for a cheaper price. I was happy to tell her there’s a way to get ClickFunnels for only $19 per month. I know for a fact lots of photographers who are starting out really want to use the funnels but that $97 a month is just a turn-off, right?

There is a little secret to Clickfunnels nobody really talks about!

The $19 per month is called a “Limited Share Funnels Only” meaning you can only access it if someone shares a funnel with you. This is where I come in!

Luckily, I have created share funnels for my Photography Business Accelerator students so I can share my funnels with them. It’s so easy! I just create the funnels, share them and in within 60 seconds, they have a copy.

Moreover, I have an amazing deal for you !

Watch the video below to see how you can seize the deal!

Is this for me?

Let’s say you just want to test out the three funnels for a few months – then this is perfect for you!

Remember Rachel? She’s my wonderful client who got $14,000 in three months from one funnel. Amazing, right? And doable!

How the ShareFunnel plans work

There’s nothing fancy about it, just some little tricks you’ll learn in the process. You won’t be able to create your own funnels, but hey – that’s why I’m sharing you mine. There’s a 14 days free trial and after it’s over, you’ll be charged $19/month. I’ve seen how excited people are after using funnels and I have the feeling you’ll get addicted once you try them. You’ll probably end up loving them – if that happens – paying $97/month won’t seem a lot anymore.

2 Steps to Getting Clickfunnels for $19 Per Month!

You need a special link – and this link includes one of my best converting photography funnels for you to get FOR FREE!

Step 1: Click on this link –

Step 2: Create your account and you’ll see the $19 per month link!

(You need to be a new user to get this option).

You’re welcome! Enjoy!

Guys, it’s time to kick things off!

Loving this discovery as much as my Photography Business Accelerator girls? Let me know in the comments you are excited about the free funnels and got the special ClickFunnels deal! And if you know any other business owners who would love to save 80% on ClickFunnels too, please do share this post with them!

The photographers using Clickfunnels are the ones getting bookings on autopilot.

much love,

Clare xx

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