With the constant challenges of everyday life, we all need reminders. We all want to grow our businesses and be the best version of ourselves, but sometimes it’s hard to keep up a productive business mindset. Let me share with you my secret: an amazing app which helps me not only focus like a mofo but also gets me into a more resourceful state.

Studies on humans’ attention to focus show we only have eight seconds to focus on something before our monkey brain goes off. No wonder it’s so easy these days to get distracted with all the information out there.

On top of everything, we all have those days when we feel tired and overwhelmed. Most of the times, the outcome is we miss on deadlines and just don’t get things done. This used to happen to me quite a lot. The great thing about this app is that it not only helps you stay focused, but also helps your business mindset tuned into getting shit done when you’re not feeling motivated.

Watch this video to see how I am successfully using the app in my photography business.

Build your self-improvement program

The app I’m talking about is called Think Up Positive Affirmations. It’s pretty straightforward and offers a simple way to be productive and build a positive business mindset.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m not really a visual person. I’ll admit I have several motivation apps installed on my phone which are supposed to make me feel better. But the thing is, I read them once and I just put them away. They don’t really float my boat because it’s not the language I would use myself.

The brilliant thing about Think Up Positive Affirmation is you get to write down your personal ideas, record them in your own voice, add your favorite music and listen to them on a daily basis. It’s like listening to an audio in a language that really speaks to you.

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Now there’s a free version of this app but with very limited features. Or you can get the ThinkUp Premium For Life for $38 per month. For me, it was totally worth it. Due to our busy schedules we often forget to recite these self affirmations regularly. This is why you need an affirmation reminder app like ThinkUp installed on your mobile device. You can program the application to remind you of your affirmations first thing in the morning when your brain is still on high alert – at least that’s how I do it! I also allow myself 20 minutes before I go to sleep to re-listen, so I’m constantly reminded about the things I said I will get done. To make affirmations work for you, you need to be consistent, so make sure you use them at least every day to maximize their efficiency.

Why I can’t live without this app

With Think Up Positive Affirmations I trained my brain to remember all my priorities and the things I need to do to grow my business. Like creating a follow-up automation so I don’t have to chase people, or a funnel so I can put everything on autopilot.

I actually use this amazing app with my girls in my Photography Business Accelerator sessions and I can honestly tell you it has been changing our world and the way we do business!

“Sometimes, all we need is to be reminded rather than informed.”

I think what makes a real difference with this app is the benefit of listening to your own voice telling you your priorities in a language that resonates with you. Moreover, focusing on the same set of affirmations helps developing new, positive thoughts and reduces negative self-talk.

PS: I’m going to do a blog post soon with examples of my affirmations in case you need some ass-kicking inspiration, so stay tuned!

If you love stuff like this, there’s a huge chance you’ll enjoy the training I’m holding on How to Grow Your Photography Business with strategic marketing and automations balanced with mindset work (I even take you through a little 2 min visualization in the beginning).

Here’s the link to the training. I would really appreciate it, if you share or tag anyone who you think might love this.

much love,

Clare xx

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