About Clare



Here’s my fancy third person bio:

Clare is a Portrait Photographer, a Business & Success Coach to photographers, has written a book called "The Art of Pricing for Family Photographers", is an NLP Practitioner, a Funnel Hacker (and former Accountant!).

Clare has been featured in many prominent online publications including:

Amy Porterfield's on How to Create a 5 Figure Webinar; Brand Camp Blog on How To Use Your Photography Business to Fund Your African Passion Project; and The Ladies Lounge Podcast on How to Turn Your Hobby into a Thriving Business.

She shows portrait photographers how to grow their business (while getting their life back), through smart marketing, strategic automation and magic mindset practices in her signature programme, The Photography Business Accelerator.

Clare combines her strong business acumen gained from spending 16 years in Accounting, Finance and Investment Banking with CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies, with her creative photographic eye, experience with her own successful photography business and years invested in personal development.

Clare is on a mission to inspire women across the globe to live extraordinary lives through documenting love.




I'm a country kid who grew up on a 300 acre farm outside of Goulburn (home of the Big Merino!) I moved to the big smoke when I was 20 -  I always knew I was far more beach chic than farm girl! Any day that involves a swim or a walk along the coast feels like a really productive day.


I laugh a lot. And often loudly. I'm relaxed and affectionate. Don’t be surprised if I put kisses on the end of an email to you. And probably give you a hug when I meet you for the first time.


I love my big, supportive family (I'm one of four) and I’m very proud of my Irish-born mum (she's one of seven - and was Australia’s first Irish-born female Senator!) - it's not surprising really that I fell in love with an Irishman (who tells me most days that I'm not really Irish...)


I'm an auntie to seven(!) ridiculously good looking Stephens kids and godmum ("Goggie") to my two equally beautiful godchildren  - I have to credit this crew for igniting my love for taking children’s portraits all those years ago. I feel sorry for my future babies who will no doubt be THE MOST photographed children on earth 🙂


I’m a Virgo, a little bit of a perfectionist and get a nerdy little kick out of creating excel spreadsheets (and don’t get me started on how much I love lists... and funnels... and checking my marketing statistics...)


getting help to succeed...

mastermind clare stephens

I'm an absolute addict when it comes to self development, growth and looking outside of my own industry for fresh marketing ideas.

I've invested tens of thousands of dollars in my own personal and business growth, and share everything I know to help my gorgeous clients succeed.

I truly believe that every person has their own unique set of skills, perspectives and experiences (including YOU) - which is why I don't believe in competition. The right people will resonate with who you are and what you have to offer, as long as you know how to show your value.

My own background of working in accounting, banking and finance, coupled with being a Funnel Hacker, NLP Practitioner, Online Marketer and Photographer means I bring a unique perspective to the photography industry and a fresh approach in how to succeed in the ever-changing business environment.

I would love to help you succeed with your photography business goals and dreams.